New Home Construction

Here you will find the New Residential Construction projects that we have completed.

New Home Construction

New Home Construction Southridge Dr

Modern architecture with combination of shed/flat roof lines.  3400 square foot home, built with Southern exposure.  Has 3 bedrooms, dedicated office, 3.5 baths, along with a 3 car garage.


New Home Construction University Ave

New home designed with French Provincial design cues.  4116 square foot home, with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms.  An Additional Dwelling Unit resides on the property, adding another bedroom and bathroom.

Southridge Drive

New Home Construction at Southridge Drive.  Since the house was situated on a hillside with a view to the south, the design called for a southern facing orientation.  This gave the home a great cross breeze and surrounding view.  The home has 3 car garage with electrical port for car charging.  All living space is on the second level above the garage.  Three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3400 square feet of open concept Home.

New Home Construction
New Construction Southridge Dr
New Construction Southridge Dr
Southridge Dr MBathroom
Southridge Dr MShower

University Ave

New Home Construction at University Avenue.  The home was designed with French Provincial architectural design cues.  The home has 3 car garage with electrical port for car charging.  The home is 4116 square feet, with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms all on one level.  The Additional Dwelling Unit in the back of the property adds another bedroom and bathroom to the total above.


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Home Remodeling

Here we will cover the projects that encompassed the entire home.  Bathrooms, kitchen, windows, repairs and everything that goes with an entire home remodel.


Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be straightforward or complex. We can remove cabinets, counter tops and replace with new. Whether you are removing walls, changing the layout, we can help.  Click to see the transformation.

Bathroom Remodeling

Most of the bathrooms that we have remodeled were built during the 50s. The tiny, dysfunctional Main or Guest Bathroom.  Whether you are moving fixtures or keeping the layout the same, we can help. Click to see the transformation.

Here you will find examples of entire home remodel projects we completed.  From condos, ranch style to two-story homes.


Home Remodel Dent Ave

We took this 1950s California Ranch that had been a rental property and turned into a beautiful Home.  New Kitchen, Bathrooms, landscaping, fencing, etc.  We updated everything in this former dump.

Calle Larga Kitchendining Room

Home Remodel Calle Larga

We updated this 70s decorated town home with open concept, new kitchen and bathrooms.

Kitchen Remodeling

Calle Larga Kitchendining Room

Dent Ave Remodel

Dent Ave was an entire house remodel project.  Every room was done.  Click the link to see the before and after pics of this major remodel.

Calle Larga Kitchendining Room

Calle Larga Remodel

We updated this 70s era Town home with an open concept, new kitchen and bathrooms.

Bathroom Remodeling

MBathroom remodel
Calle Larga MainBathroom after
MBathroom remodel

Here you will find a sampling of the many bathroom projects we have completed over the years.  We take a small, cramped space or a large, dysfunctional space and tranform into a spa for our customers.

BlueRidge Bathroom after 3

Blue Ridge Bathroom Remodel

An example of a small, dated 50’s California ranch bathroom.  This was a complete gut job.  Click on the View Projectbutton to see the before and after on this project.


East Estates Drive Main Bathroom Remodel

An example of a dysfunctional bathroom layout.  We moved plumbing and walls around to make this space work.  Click on the View Project button to learn more.


Farragut Lane Main Bathroom Remodel

An example of some dysfunction with a dose of miniature for this dated bathroom.  We moved some walls just a bit to make some room in the shower.  Click the View Project button to see more of this project.

Blue Ridge Dr

Blue Ridge Drive was your typical California ranch style home.  Built in the 1950s, the materials and methods of construction have advanced quite a bit.  We see a lot of bathrooms from this era with a window in the shower.  Back then, it was a quick and easy way to ventihilate the room.  But it also provided an easy path for water damage to the wood frame underneath that tile.

BlueRidge Bathroom before2

This Guest Bathroom was cramped, out of style (pink tub and tile) and suffering from water damage.

Not visible in this picture is the entry door, which swung into the room.  It was mounted on the right hand side of the entry.  The light switches were located on the left hand side of the entry.

BlueRidge Bathroom before

The mirror built-in wall cabinet wasn’t enough space and the client had added a large storage cabinet above the toilet as a solution.  The prior sink had fallen off of the wall as well.

BlueRidge Bathroom after 3

After demolishing the room down to the sub-floor and wall studs, we treated the wood rotted areas around the window, tub and sink areas.  The sink area was then reinforced to accommodate another wall mounted sink.  This saves on space in this tiny bathroom.

Also, a pocket door has been added to the left wall of the entry.  Now, the light switch is located to the right hand side of the entry.

BlueRidge Bathroom after v2

Porcelain tile that mimics the look of marble was used for the shower walls and backsplash behind the sink.  Actual marble mosaic tile was used for the decorative border.  Slate tile for the floor, with a marble, diamond shaped tile for accent (seen in previous picture).

BlueRidge Bathroom after entrance

Wall hooks replaced towel bars.  In this picture, the new light switch panel is shown.  A custom built-in wall cabinet was added to make up for the lack of storage space.  At 5″ depth. The wall cabinet itself was 20″ width by 40″ height.  We didn’t want it protruding too far out.  But it had enough space inside to store many items.

This bathroom remodel took place with the clients living in the house during the project.  Every day we covered their existing hardwood floors to prevent any damage.  We placed plastic up as a curtain to minimize the dust and cleaned up at the end of each day.  The total time to complete this project was 2 months.  The water damage repairs along with reinforcing areas of the bathroom and ensuring its much better water resiliency is what added to the time frame.

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East Estates Drive

Bathroom remodel

The Main Bathroom Remodel at East Estates Drive.  This was the typical California ranch style home with a interesting Main Bathroom layout.  In this photo is a corner sink, with a built-in storage cabinet to its left.

This bathroom was dysfunctional, cramped and dark due to the layout.

Main Bathroom remodel

This view shows a closet to the left of the sink.  The opening to this bathroom has no doors.  The client found this unacceptable as someone could not be in bed sleeping if another person was using the sink area.

Bathroom remodel

The shower and toilet were jammed together in a separate room, to the right of the sink.  The only window was located in this room, in the shower.


Main Bathroom remodel

This Main Bathroom remodel took some major plumbing work as we moved the shower over to the former closet.  Moving the vanity to the center of the room, along with relocating the toilet.

Of course, the window had water damage that needed to be addressed as well.


A walk-in shower was now possible since taking over the closet footprint.  Frame less glass wall and doors to enclose the area and also allowing light from the window.

A shower “tower” was added, which was a single component which housed a spray wand and shower jets together.

Double pocket doors

Double pocket doors were added to the entrance to this remodeled Main Bathroom.

Now the bathroom can be used even when someone is asleep in the room.

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With the wall gone, the natural light from the window helped in lighting the room. Granite counter top, 48″ wide vanity and a double sided built-in mirror wall cabinet were added. Porcelain tile throughout to tie the room together. This project took a little more than 3 months as the plumbing work was more extensive, not having kept anything in its original location.  Except for the window.  As well the double pocket doors took some time to install.

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Additional Dwelling Units

Looking to place an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) in your backyard?  Or want to add another bedroom to your existing home?  We have you covered.  On an average basis, we can build an ADU for you in a couple of months.  Granted, plans are needed, along with having your finish materials chosen and ready for installation.


Foundation for ADU

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